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I’m in

Red chip x rack = purple chip
Green chip x barrel = purple chip
Purple chip x half barrel = ?

Love barrels and racks unit. Coins had all kinds of # of coins in a roll so it’s kind of annoying, chips aren’t so convenient.

How much $ casino make per day, curious to know by property especially tribal casinos
I'am in.

Any chance to have an inside idea of what it looks like ? And if translation is feasible ?
My grand-son/girl of that age speaks french.
on amazon, it gives a preview of the first few pages of the book. and no translation possible, so I don't think they would enjoy the book very much. I don't even think it's available outside the US. I picked just the US option for that reason.

But thank you for considering!
"I'm in" or something to that effect....

And congrats on the book.

BTW - if my maturity level has been compared to that of a 7 year old, would I enjoy the book??? :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
That's what I was thinking.... I don't have kids this age (well, I guess they are all 7+), but my wife is a librarian... I thought about getting a few for her library...
My wife was a librarian too! She moved on to health care but still doing a little research/ cataloging stuff that makes her happy.

I appreciate the thought.
Wow! That came fast. This looks fun. Will give it a shot with my kids this weekend.


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