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Not Mine 1000 Stardust chip cash set, Paulson poker chips (1 Viewer)


Royal Flush
Mar 23, 2013
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Nice cash set. The ones will clean up nice.
hawt. pretty good breakdown, too. i'd want to add a few racks of $5s and at least a rack of $25s, but i'd think most folks could just add a rack of fracs and it would work as-is.
I know the chips are nice looking as is, but if I got in on the original buy, I would have some old school faux shaped inlay labels made. House mold Stardust LV chips? Yes please!
Nice looking chips. I like the black inlays but I'm not a huge fan of the edge spots. I wish they had more variation and colors then what they do.
Less is so much more in terms of this set. Nice black inlay, house mold, and simple colors and spots that still pop. Beautiful.
It went for $860. A little more than I wanted to spend, but whoever won them still got a pretty good deal.

If the person who won this has more $25s than he needs and is seeing this, I'm looking to buy some!
Why is the price difference between cash and tourney chips so large? Were less tourneys sold originally or is $0.86/pc a steal?
I would have bought this for more than the selling price. Unfortunately it didn't trip my saved search for "stardust mansion"


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