Cancelled 1000 chip Terribles St. Jo cash set plus extras (1 Viewer)

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Jul 21, 2022
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Santa Clarita, CA
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I spent a lot of time and money putting this set together and love it, but I have only felted it once because my group is resistant to change and likes a .25/.50 game (even though it plays like a 1/3). They do not like a .50/1 game even though every fricken hand is anywhere from $3-$30 preflop... lol

Anyway, due to these numb nuts not liking a .50/1 game, this set won't get anymore play at my house. I hate to see it go...

Looking for $3500 shipped for everything. Not looking to split at this time. All chips range from very nice to near mint.

Breakdown is:

200 - .50 fracs
300 - 1s
300 - 5s
180 - 25s
20 - 100s

Extras - 4 DBs, 1 hat, 1 framed complete set of the Missouri Terribles chips put together by I believe @Tommy here at PCF. I believe I am the 3rd owner of the framed set and that's what I was told by the previous owner.

Anyway, here are some photos. Racks are not included.

Relabel the 50¢ to 25¢, problem solved :unsure:

Or just play $.50/$.50. It plays the same as $.25/$.50.

All are viable solutions, but I also need the room... lol. More sets in the works and incoming. So trimming the fat and would rather move it along than reliable. The .50/.50 idea would have worked, but already moving past this set in my head. Lol

Or just play $.50/$.50. It plays the same as $.25/$.50.

I am hosting on 2/23, maybe if they don't sell before that, I will felt them one last time (second time ever) and do a .50/.50. If they do sell and my other set for sale (Lucky 21) is still unsold, then it will be that one. One of the sets will get a final farewell felting... lol
Leaving this up for a little while longer but having second thoughts about letting it go. I could pull the set at any time and decide to keep it. If I do, the hat (already inquired about) and framed sample set could still be sold. So if interested in the set, better strike while it's still available...
I miss Mr Terrible’s at Jean and harvested a few, although it was icon.

GLWS and if anyone doesn’t need the framed set, I’m happy to welcome them and keep away from sunlight
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