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Not Mine 1,000 chip outpost set, currently $533 (1 Viewer)

Man, the things those $100s can do!

About 9 racks of bikeish tires ($5s and $1s), a rack of $20s with split spots and most certainly plenty spinners, and a barrel and a half of beautiful hundos.
$6. Well, give or take. Recently we’ve only really seen them from the big outpost sale, and those chips weren’t really sold solo, but instead as part of nicer sets to entice purchases. But in those sets, they were priced at about $120 a barrel.

I personally purchased a barrel for about that same price, but again, to loosen their grip I had to buy like $7-800 of other stuff I didn’t need.

I may be wrong, but in the latest pickup of outposts I remember seeing someone say there was only 1 rack of hundos, although I def feel like I’ve seen more than that pop up....
Hmmm still a good pickup. Would’ve went for $720, which is NUTS! I bid it up to $837 and lost.

Lol who is user e***1? Back to back auctions lost to them. If they’d just say they were taking it down, I could saved them $120.
Oooorrrr.... maybe the buyer should give you $120 credit for not running them up higher??? Lol
Awesome deal to whoever got it. If the buyer wants to sell 80 of the $1s, I’m your huckleberry. PM if interested.

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