Three Putt Poker (cash set)

Three Putt Poker (cash set)

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I am an enormous golf enthusiast and am obviously a poker chip fanatic, too. There are two casino sets that influenced this set: The Dunes and The Vineyard. I have always LOVED both of these sets and have found it too daunting from both a financial and an availability standpoint to put together a set of chips from each of these casinos. As a result I used the Dunes chips as inspiration for the inlay artwork and the Vineyard chips as inspiration for the base/spot color combinations. This set is primarily used for 25¢/50¢ NL hold em w/ $100 max buy-ins. It has occasionally been used for $1/$2 and $2/$4 mixed games but those nights are few and far between lately. I won't complain though - I just love getting these chips in play.

The theme of these chips, Three Putt Poker, is a card game we play in our weekly golf league. Many of my poker regulars are also in the golf league. Everyone in the foursome antes (usually $5) and is dealt a card at the bar after the round. Anyone that records a 3-putt adds money (usually $1) to the pot. Anyone that records a 1-putt earns an additional card. The player in the foursome with the best poker hand at the end of the round wins the pot. A pair is usually good enough to win. I can only remember one time where a pair was beat by a higher pair - and both guys only had 2 cards each!

For anyone interested in v1 of these chips, they were sold (much to my wife's chagrin) and v2 was ordered shortly afterward. She didn't have to twist my arm much!

200 x 25¢: Solid DG Peach
600 x $1: Blue w/ 4A14 Bright White and DG Pink
300 x $5: Yellow w/ 3D14 Bright White and Dark Blue
60 x $10: Mandarin Red w/ 4A14 Bright White and Light Blue
30 x $20: Black / 4D14 Mandarin Red and Yellow
10 x $100: Bright White w/ 6A14 Purple and DG Peach
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