Pillage and Plunder

Pillage and Plunder

Owner - Ronoh
Artist - J5
Manufacturer - CPC
Mold - CSQ w/ 1” inlays

Ahoy! I don't have a fun story of how I came up with the theme... really, what guy doesn't like pirates? Once I decided to go that route the rest was pretty easy. I knew going in I wanted a cali-colored set as I was really attracted to having a butterscotch workhorse chip ever since playing with the Club Courage set so I started with the butterscotch base $5 and the rest of the set kinda built itself from there.

Little known fact, I didn't come up with the idea of naming each chip until after the first order was placed and received. This is why the primary $500 has no name, I retired it before I started naming them. I did want the $5 to resemble a gold coin during the design phase but just got lucky with the rest of the chips in the initial order. There is one chip in the set which had a name before I started designing it, that is the No Quarter fifty center.

The Pillage and Plunder cash set saw it's first order placed in March of 2016 and is still expanding. Current planned expansion consists of 300 more $5's, 100 more $20's, 40 more $100's and an undetermined number of $42's.

  • .25 - 200
  • .50 - 200
  • $1 – 400
  • $5 – 500
  • $8 – 100
  • $20 – 100
  • $100 – 60
  • $500 – 20
  • $1000 – 20

The Buccaneer
  • Denomination: 25 cents
  • Quantity: 200
  • Level: 3
  • Spot Pattern: 1/4PIE
  • Colors: Charcoal, DG Tiger
  • Status: Current
The name was simple. For anyone unaware there is a pirate themed NFL team named the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and these are their team colors. This was the first and easiest chip to design in the set, it basically designed itself. Alternate chip fun fact, half of the chips in the set have a label allignment with Tiger on top and bottom, the other half have the charcoal pies on top and bottom.

No Quarter
  • Denomination: 50 cents
  • Quantity: 200
  • Level: 4
  • Spot Pattern: 1/4PIE3C
  • Colors: Red, White, Black
  • Status: Current
I had this one named before I started the design. A pirate ship flying a flag containing the color red is a warning signal to others that the craft offers no mercy, no quarter. And the chip is a frac... but not a quarter..... ;)

This chip was added to the set after a year or so. When it comes to CPC I just love the range of oranges but when playing with both the quarters and fivers I can see how it could be a bit overwhelming so I wanted to give those folks an acceptable option. As the set expands to run more than two tables I would need more fracs anyways and when I do manage to get a game together my players hate quarters, so... Ahoy!

Blood in the Water
  • Denomination: $1
  • Quantity: 400
  • Level: 2
  • Spot Pattern: 412
  • Colors: DG Peacock, Maroon
  • Status: Current
Like the .25, this chip was quickly finalized almost right out of the gate... it may have started out as a 414 but that only lasted until I mocked up the 412. Peacock was introduced as a new color shortly before I started designing my set so I'd not seen a chip using these two colors and thought they would be outstanding together... I wasn't disappointed. Seeing the colors I went with, the name was obvious. Alternate chip fun fact, 300 of them have a peacock base with maroon spots while the other 100 have a maroon base with peacock spots and you'd never know unless you were looking for it.

Gold Coin
  • Denomination: $5
  • Quantity: 500
  • Level: 4
  • Spot Pattern: 4V12
  • Colors: Butterscotch, DG Peach, DG Saturn
  • Status: Current
You really can't have a pirate set without some pirate treasure! This chip was likely my biggest struggle in designing. I was dead-set on a butterscotch base and feel like I cycled through nearly every spot pattern and colors to go along with it. Finally decided on the 4V12 to get an additional prominent color as well as a little bit of flash but something still felt off. When I started my order email to David the 1/8” spots were canary which I switched to Saturn just before clicking send... ultimately this is the one chip I was really worried about while waiting for my order to show up. When the order arrived and I opened my first box of them I was disappointed, and the second I applied oil to the first barrel of them I was in love. I'm not exactly sure how it “works”, I just feel it works perfectly for the set.

Pieces of Eight
  • Denomination: $8
  • Quantity: 100
  • Level: 10
  • Spot Pattern: 3V123DS18
  • Colors: Charcoal, Black, Gray
  • Status: Current
I am a big fan of “fun denominations” so this one was a no-brainer... it simply had to be done. I thought a special inlay would fit well on a fun “only with the right crowd” chip so pitched the 8 pies idea to J5 who proceeded to hit a home run with his design.

  • Denomination: $20
  • Quantity: 100
  • Level: 10
  • Spot Pattern: 8D18
  • Colors: Black, DG Tiger, DG Green
  • Status: Current
This was another difficult chip for me. I mocked up a ridiculous number of chips for the $20 and was never happy with any of them. I was a newb to the CDT when I started the set, honestly I'm not even sure I knew what 8D18 was when I randomly clicked on it but the moment the chip popped onto the screen it was over. Other than the last moment color change on the $5 I believe this was the last chip designed in the original order. This is the only chip to legally go out and have it's name changed... it started out as “Green Flash” which I was never happy with, once the secondary $1000 took over the flash theme this one decided to Mutiny.

Hoist the Colors
  • Denomination: $100
  • Quantity: 60
  • Level: 9
  • Spot Pattern: 8O14
  • Colors: White, Red, Light Chocolate, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Blurple, Lavender
  • Status: Current
Always thought a rainbow chip would be badass. Of course, being a pirate one really can't use the name Rainbow particularly on a chip that means business when it hits the felt... booty comes in a chest, not a pot.

Fortunately they do have a war cry that fits ;) Designing was surprisingly easy, pretty sure 7 of the 8 colors in my first mockup made the final cut (I believe lavender was pink for a short period of time).

Funny story, I was sitting at a meetup with Ben talking about the set I was making. I mentioned the rainbow 814 hundo and he said something to the effect of “I haven't told anyone this and wasn't going to say anything until they come in but I already have one ordered”! Luckily they are very different, $500/$100, bright white/regular white, only two(?) spot colors in common but it was funny how they both went down right around the same time :) Hoist the Colors, bitch!

  • Denomination: $500
  • Quantity: 20
  • Level: 10
  • Spot Pattern: 6DSA18
  • Colors: Mandarin Red, Pink, DG Pink
  • Status: Primary / retired
This was an attempted homage to my favorite casino $5 from the Rio and it failed miserably... never even bothered giving it a name. Is there a name for a pirates offspring he wants nothing to do with?

  • Denomination: $500
  • Quantity: 20
  • Level: 10
  • Spot Pattern: 3V123DS18
  • Colors: Dark Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Status: Secondary / current
Being a native Clevelander who spent the first 40+ years of life without a hometown champion, this chip was designed the night the Cavs won game seven in 2016. I DGAF that a cavalier isn't piratey, they've both been depicted as wearing funny hats and using swords which is good enough for me. No way in hell was this chip not getting done :D

  • Denomination: $1000
  • Quantity: 20
  • Level: 13
  • Spot Pattern: 1/4PIE3C4Q12
  • Colors: Purple, Lavender, Retro Lavender, DG Green, DG Pink, DG Arc Yellow, DG Peacock
  • Status: Primary / retired
Okay, going in to this design all I knew was I wanted lots of different colors, I wanted a spot pattern that was not listed in the CDT or on the website and I wanted the chip to make no sense. In those regards I suppose I was a success.......

Funny thing about this chip is between the time I ordered it and the time I received it I came up with the idea for my secondary $1000. Before these chips were even in production they had been officially retired. Upon receipt it was a pleasant surprise when I opened the box and hated them immediately :D Somehow these silly things have developed a small cult following.

  • Denomination: $1000
  • Quantity: 20
  • Level: 7
  • Spot Pattern: 1/2PIE2A12
  • Colors: Blue, Orange, DG Tiger, Imperial Blue
  • Status: Secondary / current
I'm not entirely sure how this one happened, it just popped into my head one day. I wasn't trying to come up with an idea, I had no new chips planned at the time and am fairly sure I wasn't even thinking about chips. One moment I'm driving down the road minding my own business and the next, there it was. I was alone at the time so I have no one to verify it but I'm fairly sure I said F ME out loud. :)

The idea was simple, John knocked the design completely out of the park and David went so far as to contact John during production for color tweaks to make sure the whole thing worked. Now I just have to find a way to get one in play someday :D
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