CPC Chip Color Reference

CPC Chip Color Reference

Disclaimer: Although the colors are very accurate on my screen (PremierColor IPS RGB panel) they may look slightly different when viewed on other screen types and devices. Please use this reference as a guide only. It is recommended that you obtain a CPC color sample set so you can see the colors in person.

Click on image to view larger version.

cpc-arc-yellow.png cpc-black.png cpc-blue.png cpc-blurple.png cpc-bright-white.png cpc-butterscotch.png cpc-canary.png cpc-charcoal.png cpc-chocolate.png cpc-dark-blue.png cpc-dark-green.png cpc-dayglo-green.png cpc-dayglo-orange.png cpc-dayglo-peach.png cpc-dayglo-pink.png cpc-dayglo-saturn.png cpc-dayglo-yellow.png cpc-gray.png cpc-green.png cpc-imperial-blue.png cpc-lavender.png cpc-light-blue.png cpc-light-chocolate.png cpc-light-green.png cpc-mandarin-red.png cpc-maroon.png cpc-new-pink.png cpc-orange.png cpc-purple.png cpc-red.png cpc-retro-blue.png cpc-retro-green.png cpc-retro-lavender.png cpc-retro-red.png cpc-white.png cpc-yellow.png
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Excellent resource! This site is getting better all the time!
Thanks, great resource
The colors look very accurate on my monitor when compared to the sample set. One thing I would like is to see all of the red, blues, etc. together.
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