Chateau De Noix

Chateau De Noix

Owner: bivey
Inlay Design: Johnny5 (J5 Design)
Year Produced: 2013

The Chateau De Noix tournament set was created in 2013-4. The idea for the set came from the rolling vineyards and orchards of my home in Central Washington. The effect I had in mind was classy and recongnizable and because of that, I themed my chips after the famed appelations of France. The inlay was designed by John Faulhaber (J5) to look like a French wine label with each denomination bearing the name of a red wine producing region. The muted colors and water stained look of the inlay conveys old world to fit in step with the history of Burgundy, Bordeaux, and the like. The FDL mold essentially chose itself. This allowed the larger inlay which was used for the chip.

The name Chateau de Noix is a loose translation of "The House of Nutz" keeping all of my custom chips tied loosely together. A lucky coincidence that many a French wine are named after their master's quarters!

Inspiration was drawn from the original inlay at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, especially the T100 spot colors.

The set initially consisted of T25 to T5000 and a T10,000 and T25,000 were later added. The original set was manufactured under the care of Michael Dambach at ASM Las Vegas and all add ons were made at CPC in Maine.

T25 (aka The Starbucks): Green 414 with white and chocolate spots.
280 chips

T100 (aka The Bellagio): Black 4DSA316 with white and DG green spots
300 chips

T500: Purple 4D14 with white and retro red spots
180 chips

T1000: DG Peach 4V12 with dark blue and gray edge spots
180 chips with 120 later added

T5000: Chocolate 6DS318 white bright white and light blue spots
60 chips

T10,000 (aka Blueberry): Light blue 412 with white and lavender spots
60 chips

T25,000 (Flag): White 8A14 with mandarin red and blue spots
40 chips
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This set is immaculate. Tournament sets are twice as hard as cash sets to get perfect so this one gets double marks in my book.
Amazing chip set from concept to execution.
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