Bubbs' Poker Den

Bubbs' Poker Den

Bubbs' Poker Den
by @ChaosRock

Bubbs' Poker Den is a tribute to Paulo's beloved English Bulldog "Bubbles". Paulo is quoted as saying that when he tells Bubbles, “It’s Poker Night!” she goes crazy and keeps looking outside until the first players show up. Bubbles is such an integral part of poker night and “part of the vibe” that this set was created so Bubbles will ALWAYS be present in his games.

Paulo has always been a fan of old school inlays and decided this was a must for this special tribute set. This set features an old school white inlay, black fonts, red denoms, and of course "Bubbs" Once the basic inlay design was created then they were sent to @Johnny5 to give them the finishing touches.

Paulo has also has always been a fan of Cali colored cash sets. Loving the Blue/Yellow workhorse chips he built a set around those colors. He opted to make this a bright and vibrant set.

The choice of mold was very easy. Having already designed previous sets in other molds Paulo decided that the set had to be done on the B-Mold for BUBBS!
  • 25¢ - Quantity - 200 - 2D14 - dayglo pink - light blue & dayglo yellow
  • $1 - Quantity - 400 - 3TA316 - retro blue - dayglo green & bright white
  • $5 - Quantity - 800 - 4DSA316 - dayglo yellow - black & purple
  • $20 - Quantity - 100 - 6D18 - black - retro red & retro
  • $100 - Quantity - 100 - 8A14 - bright white - dayglo tiger & imperial blue
  • Total set is 1600 chips with a total bank of $16,450.00
  • Inlay Artist: J5

bubbs in case.jpg

chipset angled.jpg

bubbs spread.jpg

bubb quarter.jpg





bubbs racks.jpg

bubbs spread2.jpg

bubb splash.jpg
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