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Feb 5, 2017
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Hi all,

I pulled these off eBay a few days ago but they're going to be a catch and release for me. And so offered for sale are 66 (arc?) yellow THC chips just waiting to be milled. 44 of them are proper starbursts, 20 of them are overstamps and two are blank on one side and starburst on the other (weird, right?). They have been lovingly hand cleaned with a magic eraser but not oiled. As you can see, there is some color variation within the chips but they are in very good condition with square edges and bright stamps. Happy to provide more pics on request.

I got a pretty good deal on them and I'm passing that along. Also includes six bonus edge-chewed chips not shown. Sorry - not looking to split them - if you want just the starbursts you're gonna have to buy them all.

$53 + shipping for the 66 chips

2020-03-10 11.20.32-1.jpg
I only need 40 if you want a barrel bud. Happy to sell them to you, feel free to PM!
Can't go wrong in a thread when it's BSteck, Nav, yourself and me! I actually only wanted a barrel, but wouldn't have bugged you about it. Works PERFECT for me thank you!!!
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