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Mr. Cheese

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Aug 8, 2013
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Just got in my final 300 Royal Yak poker chips plus my bounty chips today.

I had Joe from PGI make me yellow nickels and some red bounty 44mm chips.

My final cash game set is as follows:
200 .05
200 .25
200 $1
100 $5

The bounty chips are going to be used in my tournament with another set of chips although I might actually sell that set so this set would become my tourney and cash set if a certain group buy goes through ;).

Without further ado, here are some pictures of a few of the chips!

Here's 25 dollars which is what we usually start with in our cash games.
View attachment 568

Here's a close up of the custom yellow nickels:
View attachment 569

Splashed pot:
View attachment 570

Here's the bounty chip for my tourney:
View attachment 571
Nice chips Mr. Cheese. Digging the colors.

Thanks! I kind of wanted some different colors from what I normally would have chosen. I wasn't too sure on the yellow pre-ordering them but its really grown on me :).

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