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Mar 23, 2013
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Members can now leave feedback for transactions from ads in the WTS/WTB/WTT Classifieds section. (thanks to grandgnu for the suggestion)

Feedback can be left one of three ways:

  1. For buyers/trader: Directly from the first post of the ad using the 'Rate Seller' button. This button is linked to the ad you click it in.
  2. For sellers/buyers/traders: From the member's profile page. Note: You will need the ad URL to do it this way.
  3. Using the 'Leave Feedback' button attached to feedback you received from the buyer/seller/trader on your Trader page. (see legend image below)

The feedback form:

  1. You were the: Choose Buyer, Seller, or Trade
  2. Overall experience: Choose Positive, Negative, or Neutral
  3. Ad Thread URL: URL for the ad. Automatically filled in when you use the 'Rate Seller' button. (the system does checks against the URL for feedback accuracy)
  4. A short comment: Feedback comment that will be visible to all. Limited to 80 characters
  5. Additional comments: Area for additional comments (this is optional and only visible to the buyer, seller, and admins/mods)

The member's Feedback Score will show three places:

  1. In the member's post-bit in the WTS/WTB/WTT Classifieds section only.
  2. On the member's profile page under the 'Feedback Score' tab. (feedback overview)
  3. On the member's trader page. (complete feedback details)


  1. Button to leave feedback for the person you made the deal with. (the ad URL will be automatically filled in)
  2. Edit feedback button (shows for 15 mins after comment is left)
  3. Report feedback button

Other info:

  • There is a 24 hr time limit before a member can re-rate the same person. This prevents accidental duplicate ratings, and also mass spam / bogus ratings.
  • There is a 15 mins time limit to edit or delete a feedback comment that you left.
  • A member with 5 ratings or less is considered a new trader. New traders can only leave 3 feedbacks per 24 hrs.
  • A member has 45 days to submit a return rating for a deal they have been rated for.
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