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Oct 7, 2022
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BC, Canada
Hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum. I have a full tournament set of these WPS ABC Ceramics (WSOP 2005 Replicas) in the following denominations:

200 x 25
200 x 100
100 x 500
60 x 1000
40 x 5000

Was wondering what a fair asking price would be. Thanks in advance!


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Consider that they’re about 95c each at current prices (between 500 and 999) for new chips. Use that to discern what you think a fair asking price is.

The alternative is to put them up for auction and see what the market decides.
Generally speaking, good condition used stock ceramic sets that are still available as-new will typically sell for 50% to 75% of replacement cost, pending specific user demand (unpopular designs = lower prices).

This also assumes a commonly-desired set breakdown -- an odd assortment of denominations will also fetch a lower price. Worn sets may only sell for 25% of original or replacement cost.

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