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Nov 6, 2014
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Odenton/Crofton, MD
Happy to announce an addition to the Winery custom CPC set.

The Winery set was created as a tribute to the Vineyard casino chips which included two versions of hot-stamped 50-cent chips.
Both are gold foil on Paulson Peach (not a great photo). I was originally fooled and thought one was silver (left), but learned that
gold foil looks like silver after lots of wear.


For the sake of completeness (and because moar chips!) I decided to add a hot-stamped 50-cent chip to the Winery set. I was able to get in
on the end of the last small crown CPC run and worked with @Johnny5 and @Josh Kifer to create these chips.

The 50-cent chip is DG Peach (closest to the original Paulson Peach) with gold foil.


If you bought a sample set when the Winery set was first produced, I will be sending you a 50-cent chip, free of charge, likely in a letter envelope
with some kind of padding. If you purchased multiple sample sets, I'll send one 50-cent chip for each set. I still have the names
and addresses of everyone who purchased a sample set so no need to contact me unless there's some situation you'd like me know about
(i.e. change of address, US shipper). If you obtained a sample set by some other means, send me a PM with shipping info and I'll ship one out to you.

Complete Sample set

Shoot me a PM with questions

Happy New Year and Happy Chipping
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The hot-stamp looks great Dennis. Nice work and very generous of you to send out to everyone to supplement your sample sets.
Love this! Thanks! So happy I nabbed a sample set way back when!
I THINK they both used gold foil
But they start to look silver when it wears
Beautiful set and the peach frac idea is spot on. By far my favorite personal CPC set I’ve seen.


You could be right about the silver really being gold that is warn down a bit... mine certainly looks like silver..
@inca911 ??
I have mailed a 50-cent chip to everyone for whom I have an address from the original sample set offering
and a few others. This includes our Canadian and German friends. I sent these in letter envelopes so there is
no tracking. If you don't receive yours in a reasonable time, let me know. I'll hand deliver to the MD crew at the next

If you received a sample set via trade or other means, please PM me with your shipping information.
just received mine today having never seen this thread. what a great gesture and an awesome surprise, thank you so much!!

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