Where to get Aria tribute chips? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 21, 2023
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new york
I want the Tina card mold Aria tribute chips, probably around a set of 500-600 for a cash game setup with .25/$1/$5/$20 chips but I have no idea how to actually order it/find it. I've found this set here but its missing the $1 chips and also says "Nuan's" instead of "Aria" on it. So yah, anyone that can point me in the right direction with a link to the set or that can clarify what might be some misunderstandings on my part would be greatly helpful.
Update: I found the set in question from Tina here. Also yah @floeICE I saw that group buys of currently circulating casino chips has kind of been forbidden so its kinda a bummer that group buys are unlikely. Does anyone ever order solo or are the shipping prices completely brutal? I've asked for a quote so I guess I'll find out.

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