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These chips were used for Carnival Games and have seen a good amount of home play.

I recently bought these from a older gentleman who used to host a regular poker game over the past 40 years. These chips were not used in his regular poker game. He used crappy dice chips! The VLV were used for some charity nights. The host knew that I collected chips and showed me this set about 10-12 years ago. The chips had been dormant in his closet for at least another 10 years prior.

Recently he contacted me to see if I was interested his beloved "Paul-Son Poker Chips", he always referred to them exactly like that. Previously, I offered him $500 and he said "Ask me again in a few years." Fast forward to last Friday. He wanted to know if my offer was still on the table and if it was, that I should stop by. I took the opportunity to head over to his house and visit with him. He lives alone now that his children are grown and he's been a divorced bachelor since I've known him.

When I arrived, I found him in poor health. He gets around just fine and has a great physique for his 70+ years. Unfortunately, his eyes are failing him. He's had all the corrective surgeries that he can sustain ,9!, to improve his vision. Glaucoma, cataracts, I'm sure a slew of other eye-related issues he didn't go into have affected his mental presence as well. His daily routine is to play 4-6 hours every day only during the day at the local casino. It has to be daytime so he can avoid driving at night. He melted my heart when he said that all he wanted to be able to do was be able to see the cards in front of him and in the middle of the table. The guy is a hustler, not a angle shooting scumbag hustler. An entrepreneurial-like hustler who was involved in many grinds. With his abilities diminished, he has let many of those revenue streams go. These changes led up to him offering his "Paul-Son Poker Chips"

I don't really have a use for these chips, so I bought them to flip them. Before you get your pitchforks and torches, hear me out.

100% of the money collected for the chips will go to my pal. He's keeps the original $500 and whatever these auctions produce. It's not quite a charity auction, but the funds will go to someone that can really use it.

Please see the images for condition.

VLV $5

VLV $10

VLV $25

VLV $50

VLV $100


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Beautiful chips and sorry to hear the story of yet another poker player facing the down hill slope of life!

@Jeff probably too used for your collection but figured a tag could help!

Good luck with the auction @H|Q hope all is well sir!
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