Vintage Mixed Set - Frac help SGK mold. (1 Viewer)

Which frac for my Vintage/SGK mixed set?

  • Ponce de Leon $25

  • Dorado Riveria $25

  • Mapes $25

  • Solids/generic SGK (small greek key)

  • Something else really cool

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Jan 2, 2022
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Miami, FL
Hello all, thank you in advance for any input. I'm looking to put together a vintage inspired mixed set and I need some helping picking out a chip to play as a frac. The lineup as it currently stands is (this is not the amount of chips that I have lol, just a sample barrel of each):

A couple of options $25 chips (to play as quarters) that I've thought of are:
- Ponce de Leon (SGK mold)
- Dorado Riviera (SGK mold)
- Mapes (Hourglass), love this chip but prefer to use it elsewhere but might as well include for discussion
- generic SGK solid, not sure of color but going with this option would allow me to still incorporate a $25 as a higher denom. my current intention is to use plaques for $20 and $100
- Dragonara's I suppose are also an option, though I really want to stay away from relabeling something for this set in particular

1.jpg2.jpgScreenshot 2023-04-17 210145.jpg
(Images courtesy of TheChipGuide)

The underlying factors tying the set together is the SGK mold, Reno and the inherent age of the chips. I really doubt I will find a Reno SGK frac so I'll have to either continue with the SGK mold and vary the origin or go with another mold but maintain the Reno origin (this is where the mapes idea came to mind). I also see this as being quite a large set so it needs to be feasible to acquire at least a couple racks of the frac chips. Thoughts and suggestions much appreciated!! Thanks again

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