SOLD Vineyard $100 secondary 8V, n=20 chips x 5 (selling by barrel), 43mm oversized , vineyards

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Apr 13, 2015
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Up for sale are 5 uncirculated barrels of secondary oversized (43mm) Vineyard $100 chips. These secondary 8V chips are twice as rare as the primaries, with less than 5k chips in existence, mostly locked away in chip hoards. These are sharp chips with sharp edges, and are hands down one of my absolute favorites! With @kmccormick100 consent, now just selling by the barrel @ $200/barrel to make things simpler.

A full history of the casino is available here:



Vines 100rack.jpg

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  • Shipping Terms: FOB my post office, actual shipping costs to be added to the final price (i.e., based on buyer's geography). Likely a SFRB for $9 CONUS. International buyers are welcome, and insurance may be available for purchase per standard USPS terms and rates. As others can confirm, I package extremely well.
  • Payment Terms: Venmo, Check (Paypal Goods and Services only for international buyers, with buyer covering fees)
Barrels reserved:
  1. @Gear
  2. @skakel
  3. @Cord
  4. @Cord
  5. @realcdn
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