VIDEO: Cop Allegedly Playing Internet Poker While Driving In Snowy Weather (1 Viewer)

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Mar 25, 2013
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Don’t drive and grind. Hat tip to the New York Daily News for the above video that supposedly shows a Chicago-area cop playing online poker in his car, while driving ...

Wow! For a moment, I thought the video would show the officer actually playing video poker.

It shows that his in-car computer screen is on a page which could be a video poker site. You can't see the officer.

My guess, based on 23 years of experience as a cop --

In snow, officers are often told to do "stationary" patrol -- that is, park it somewhere and go to a call if you get one. It cuts down on accidents.

Bored, he goes to the site, gets a call, and drives there without clearing the screen first.

Felony? No.

Misdemeanor? No.

Against department regulations? Probably not.

Traffic violation? No.

Blown out of proportion by a self-righteous gadfly? Yes.
If it wasn't for real money, then I do not see any problem with it.

Now if it was for real money, I know most company policies would prohibit an employee to use company property and/or company time for gambling.

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Blown out of proportion by a self-righteous gadfly? Yes.

I completely agree but as a government employee who are in the public eye constantly I would say that was poor judgment leaving it up on the screen


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