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Jul 2, 2013
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I'm looking to upgrade my set a little. I'm looking for square, easily stand on edge chips ($1s and $5s - $25s and $100s would need to be near mint as my $25s and $100s are already pretty good). I would be willing to trade 3 for 1 (used chips for square edge chips). Here's what I have:

140 x $5 used
186 x $25 used
100 x $100 used

If you're building a set, are not all that condition sensitive and have some newer chips mixed in - this is your chance to expand your set without spending any money (other than a little postage).

I'm looking for slightly used to almost new $1s and $5s (or near mint $25s and $100s). The $1s also need to have good, undamaged inlays.

Here's what I have for trade. I'll add edge pictures tonight, but my trade chips are all somewhat rounded to casino worn (typical wear). I'm looking to trade for chips with square edges.

Edit - my $1's have been traded. I only have the chips listed above for trade. Open to selling as well. Just make me an offer. Anything reasonable will be accepted.



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Bumping and posting pictures of the used chips vs. the slightly used chips I'm looking for. The stacks on the right are from my set and I'm looking for more chips in this condition. The stacks on the left are the more used chips I have available for trade.

I strongly suggest you give up on this fruitless quest...and sell me your SU $5’s!

P.S. House mold for the win!
I can't give up this quest when I'm so close to the finish line! I really need help upgrading $1's. Anyone have 30 good inlay, square edge $1's (similar to the chips in the stack on the right in the picture above)? I have 60 good inlay rounded edge $1's I'm willing to trade for them. Very nice chips, just more used than the balance of my set.
Bump. And I updated my trade offer to 3 for 1. I'll trade 3 used chips for 1 squared edged chip (similar to the pictures above - the stack on the right hand side).
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