SOLD USA: CC Desert Palms cash, Chipco Silver Dollar Everett, Garden City (Paulson $0.25s) (1 Viewer)

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Nov 8, 2014
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US buyers only. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees to the US. The amount listed is the amount that comes out of your bank account.

I will take payment in Paypal. PM me for details. PM for more pictures, if desired.


(SOLD) 600 chip cash set of China clay Desert Palms:
$0.05 x 200
$0.25 x 200
$1 x 150
$5 x 50
BONUS: includes Desert Palms dealer button

No racks included, I don't have any that fit. Might be best to put these in a briefcase style case. 20 nickels are about the height of 19 of the other chips. Many chips are still chalky, these were used maybe once or twice.

$155 shipped (~$0.258/chip, free shipping, free dealer button)


600 chip Chipco Silver Dollar Everett
$1 x 200
$5 x 200
$25 x 100
$100 x 50
$200 x 50
BONUS: 6 chipco racks and a setup of Silver Dollar Tukwila Gemaco plastic playing cards (never played with, the green deck opened and shuffled).

Condition is pretty nice on these, although the ones are showing the white ring around the edge. Pretty consistent across the set so you should be able to tell the condition from the pictures. Don't really want to give this set up, but need to make room for other purchases.

$260 ($0.433/chip, free shipping, free cards, free Chipco racks)


735 chip mixed BCC/Paulson Garden City San Jose cash set, cleaned
$0.25 x 135 (all Paulson, some are heavily worn, see pictures)
$0.50 x 100 (mixed BCC/Paulson, used)
$1 x 100 (heavily used Paulson)
$1 x 100 (used BCC)
$2 x 100 (mixed BCC/Paulson, used)
$3 x 100 (mixed BCC/Paulson, used)
$5 x 60 (mixed BCC/Paulson, mixed inlays, very few of the small Paulson inlay)
$10 x 40 (mixed BCC/Paulson, used, very few Paulsons)
BONUS: The full sample set pictured, in addition to the chips listed above

I don't think anyone really wants a mixed set so these are heavily discounted. I am not splitting it up, but I suspect it will be bought more for the Paulson quarters and the sample set than any of the rest. Most of the denoms lean toward more BCCs as I filled out a few of the racks after the Chip Room sorted them. If you are seriously considering buying and need a BCC/Paulson breakdown on any of the denoms, let me know.
No racks included. Quarters have been used a bit and may need another cleaning soon.

$205 (about $0.28/chip)



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Garden City sold. Silver Dollar Everett still available. I'll update the main post when I can get to a computer.
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