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Apr 19, 2020
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Hi all,

Am thinking to start collecting some chips from casinos I have been to...but how is it possible to get them to chip change an uncirculated chip?

Did a quick search and don't seem to find that anyone have posted a how-to. Hence if anyone have any tips feel free to share

Thank you in advance for all your inputs.
Take care and stay safe.
Hey, are you asking about getting mint, unused chips or cashing in old, expired chips? I've done both and pretty much just a lot of smiling, smoozing the cashiers and a small tip in the end.
Thank you all for the inputs...just realized there are a few thread on this topic apparently called "harvesting"...and seem like it's all about "charm"

Let me give it a shot when this virus blows over
And hope soon

Take care and stay safe all
If you just want one or two just go to the cage or a live table game with no customers and ask for a nice chip for a souvenir.

If you want a rack or more, yeah, peruse those threads! Some places are happy to help with whatever, some you have to be a little covert.

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