SOLD [UK Not Only] Mixed RHC Micro Cash set (500 pc) - Terrible, fracs, pinks, AQs, Tangiers more! (1 Viewer)

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Morning Folks!

Huge apologies for the delay - had some unexpected stuff come up yesterday afternoon which sidelined me.
I'm playing office catch up today, but let's shoot for 5PM today and get this final table wrapped up :cool

Reckon the TD got hacked @CDC ?

I am not a robot.
Honestly, it's me, this isn't something that a robot would say.
Or is it?
Alrighty! Final table time:

Seat 1 with $10 of Jack Detroits - we have @RivieraDanny
Seat 2 with $10 of HS Cinci's - we have @CDC
Seat 3 with $10 of Dover Downs - we have @JP1984

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