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Aug 25, 2013
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Looking for one rack of mint/near mint Yellow Paulson hot stamped Quarters as shown in the pic...

where did those come from ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
looks like a custom
From what I was told, these were from a 400 chip custom order from Apache... J5 did the art work... These were made around 2011 timeframe...
ssanel's custom quarters. good luck getting him to part with any :)
I have only 2 racks left.

I included a rack in a sale with some 5s and 25s a number of years ago, when the Trops were just hitting the market. Sold them to someone on CT, but my inbox history has since been deleted, and I don't recall his screen name. I have never seen them come up in a subsequent sale.
They are super cool, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn't need any quarters. That and James traded some Mapes for Grand Vics when he didn't want to.
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