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Trade Trading random racks for tourney sets (1 Viewer)

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Mar 6, 2016
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I have a bunch of random stuff I'm looking to trade. Ideally for an AS hot stamped tourney set, but am open to other trades. If you're interested in something I have here just PM me. Primarily looking for tournament sets or chips I can mill into a tournament set or just random chips you're looking to trade.

Quick guide:
Bud Jones racks (25?)
Uncirculated Casas
Caesar Palace chips (might be same as GPI promo?)
Diamond mold "MNY"
Some very bright THCs
Roman mold solids
Blades CPC cash set
Purple THCs (not sure of exact color, and there is some warping)
Gold Star limit set
Large carousel
17 cases of Grand Casino nature coins (some duplicates)

Interested in carousel. Is it for 39mm chips? I think because it's so big, the holes look really small. How many chips in a stack?

I'm new so don't have anything to trade. Do you have a cash price in mind?
Definitely interested in some casa one hundreds if you decided to sell... dont think I have any trade bait
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