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Cancelled Trade Bait for HSI or Jack Detroit 5's (1 Viewer)

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Nov 6, 2014
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I thought I could live with mixing some new and used HSI pri $5's but ... well you know.

This is what I am looking for:
HSI Primary 5s - They do not need to be mint but they should have been when you got them.
Jack Detroit 5's - Same as above, some home game play is fine

This is some trade bait I have to offer.
Horseshoe Southern Indiana (HSI) Used Pri $5 x 280
Horseshoe Southern Indiana (HSI) New Sec $25 x 100
Horseshoe Southern Indiana (HSI) New Sec $100 x 20
Horseshoe Southern Indiana (HSI) New Sec $500 x 20
Wind Creek Bethlehem PA Barely Used $1 x 100 (These are Live BTW)
Horseshoe Cleveland New Sec $25 X 100


Not for sale - Trades only at this time except maybe some cash to make up a difference either way.

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@Carnth if trades do not happen I am sure we will chat.

Yeah I use my chips for rotation of weekly games so home use is just fine for me but the casino used HSI (while still amazing) are just a little too different from the rest of the set and are tweaking my chip OCD. These are on the block because as you can see most have never been used, I am trying to stay strict on a use or lose mentality.
nobody into these chips or just don't have or don't want to part with the trade requests?
Can’t bring myself to part with Jack $5. I’ve been on the fence about selling for some time, but since it’s actually my second Jack set, I can’t bring myself to sell it again. I know what will happen.

I’ll spend twice as much trying to get another one. That’s what ended up happening last time. Haha
Bump as well, I gotta know who's got all these Hsi 5s so I can get my fingers on them as well

What's Spock say? The needs of the many, are also my needs
Well I def have some but like I stated above I cannot pull the trigger on the mix. Here are some shots of my gently used home game 5s that started mint and some casino used to compare.
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