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May 29, 2013
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I want to build a tourney set, and I'm having trouble deciding how many chips to buy. I totally prefer to have full racks of chips, so multiples of 100 are my first choice, but I could also live with multiples of 50. I am not interested in anything less than multiples of 50 (150= OK, 160=not OK, 200= OK).

The available denominations are: $5/$25/$100/$500 (let's assume I can't get any $1k at the moment).

I would like to be able to accommodate 10 with re-buy, up to 18 freeze-out. Lots of chips on the table is a good thing The chips I'm looking at get progressively (much) more expensive as the denominations increase, so tons of $500s will be difficult -- but I am committed to getting at least 50 of them, per my "multiples of 50" rule :)

I don't really care what the starting stacks are. T2000, T2500, T4000, whatever works within the parameters above.

I'd like to keep it to 700 chips or less. What should my chip break-down be?

What about:

200 x $5
200 x $25
200 x $100
50 x $500

That would give me T2000 with 18 players (starting stacks 10/10/7/2), without too many extra chips, and multiples of 50.

Is that a reasonable breakdown, or what would be better?

Oh, one other thing. It would be nice if the break-down would be attractive to other people as well. Who knows, I may want to sell this set that I'm building (hey, it could happen, ha ha). So I would want the breakdown to be something that would be fairly universally acceptable (at least not universally found to be useless).

So 50-minimum rule, and universally loved :)
Tough to keep it under 700 with the 50-min rule.

Best-case scenario without those two limitations:

T3000 stacks with 10/20 opening blinds (150BB)
10 x T5
10 x T25
12 x T100
3 x T500
35 chips = T3000

Converting to a set covering 18 players:
180 x T5
180 x T25
270 x T100 (includes 54x to color-up T5/T25 chips)
54 x T500
684 total chips

Implementing the 50-min rule:
200 x T5
200 x T25
300 x T100
50 x T500 (with the extra T100's, set can still cover 18 players)
750 total chips (which violates the 700-max rule)

Gonna have to make a concession somewhere. I'd go with 750 chips (or 800, if you can manage 100x T500).

Actually, if it were my set and it had to be 700 chips max, I'd probably go with this:

180 x T5
180 x T25
280 x T100 (includes 54x to color-up T5/T25 chips)
60 x T500
700 total chips

But I don't have a half-rack phobia. ;) Those three barrels of T500s will fill in the racks nicely.
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Starting stacks of T2000 or T1500

Drop to 5/10 starting blinds, add in a 5/15 level.

18 Players T2000 Freezeout
10 x T5
10 x T25
12 x T100
1 x T500

10 Player Rebuy T2000
20 x T5
20 x T25
14 x T100

110 x T100 and 50 x T500 color up all the T5 and T25 and leaves 16 rebuys in large denoms.
If 1000's are going to be coming into play eventually, I would skip the T5's and get more 100's ....... I may be in the minority though because I don't like 5's in tourneys
If 1000's are going to be coming into play eventually, I would skip the T5's and get more 100's ....... I may be in the minority though because I don't like 5's in tourneys

Assuming it's something like Empress chips, that will be like a 3x increase in total cost. We can't all be Slisk or H|Q.
If 1000's are going to be coming into play eventually, I would skip the T5's and get more 100's ....... I may be in the minority though because I don't like 5's in tourneys

I generally agree with you. T5s aren't my favorite in a tourney either. But as atomiktoaster suggested...the T100 and T500 chips are 2.3 and 5 times the price of the T5 chip, respectively. I haven't even asked about the T1000 yet! Yikes. :)

So far, my set is:
100 x $5
200 x $25
50 x $100
10 x $500

So just figuring where to add on and in what quantities. My 18-player dream might be a little ambitious for this set, cost-wise. I may need to half the quantities suggested above, and make it a one-table tourney set (with "extra" 25, since I already have them).

Thanks for the help.
If that's your current breakdown, I'd start with a rack of $5s and a rack of $100s. You can get pretty far with that, especially if you do T1000 starting stacks with blinds at 5/5. Another barrel or two of $500s would be nice.

With the given price differential, you might get more utility out of 200/200/150/100 or 200/200/100/100. The $500s are actually more efficient in terms of bank per dollar spent.
I'm with BGinGA (again), though I don't think you need that many T100 chips. You could have one player buy up all the low denom chips and color those up to T500 chips.

Say you haven't moved any players by the time you're coloring up the T5s, you're going to be coloring up 90x 5 = 450. I would color those up with 4x 100 + 2x 25 per table.

When you color up T25 chips you'll be coloring up 92x 25 = 2,300 per table. You'll need 4x 500 + 3x 100 per table.

Going with T2,500 (which, with 5/10 starting blinds, would mean 250BB starting stacks):
10x T5
10x T25
12x T100
2x T500

So for 18 players:
180x T5
184x T25 (includes 4x to color-up T5 chips)
232x T100 (includes 14x to color-up T5/T25 chips)
42x T500 (includes 8x to color-up T25 chips)

Then rounding up to 50:
200x T5
200x T25
250x T100
50x T500
Total: 700 chips

I should also comment that if you're at one point going to switch over to acrylic chipracks for storage, you're going to prefer having chips in multiples of 20 in stead of 50.

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