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SOLD THC Black Solids with Hot Stamp - Leaded? and price drop (1 Viewer)

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Nov 8, 2014
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Edmonton, Alberta
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I have 200 black top hat & cane hot stamped solids for sale.
The stamp is very wertern looking capital "T". No idea what it is representing but I was told they are from the 1930's. Take that for whatever it is worth.
All the chips are in excellent shape. They stake like bricks with not a warp to be seen.
Lots of texture on the faces and striations along the sides. They would be be fighting with my charcoal solids I currently have so they are off to a new home.
I did oil 3 of them and I am shocked at how nicely they pop compared to the non oiled chips.
I am asking $320.00 $300.00 $275.00 $260.00 US includes shipping anywhere in the continental US or Canada. I am happy to ship overseas but we can work out shipping prices then.
This is a dibs sale so please dibs here then contact me via pm.
PS: If you would like them milled, I can certainly do that at $.50/chip but please note I would not be able to get to them until the middle of December or more likely over the Christmas break.
PPSS: and I believe they are leaded coming in at 10.4g/ea.
PPPSSS: I will include 2 Paulson racks and 3 dealer buttons.


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