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Jun 17, 2016
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Jupiter, fl
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For sale are 200 T5 Copa Casino Fuschia hot stamps. Nice condition. Never used by me. Want to sell in one lot. $400 plus $20 shipping gets it done.

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oof I kind of want all of these because my fracs were too expensive last game I played... (and they were only 25 cents...).

I will consider splitting them with you Golf...

If these are leaded I will take all
I don’t have a scale. These are pretty common chips. I think it’s universally known that they’re leaded. They come from that era.
9.4g is pretty light for leaded. Maybe these were during the phase out period when there was some lead, but not as much as previously?

dibs, sorry Golf! I will try them out and if they don't work or I don't need that many, I can sell you a rack :)

No worries, They are a want, not a need. So let me know after you've checked them out.
ugh I'm torn... @JeepologyOffroad says they're leaded...
Not claiming this as a fact, but if these are ~9.4g, IMO, these are not leaded.
I have Fuchsia Paulson SCV hotstamp chips from the 80s with peach edgespots (a known lighter weight Paulson color) and they are ~10g
Leaded means weight added. Hotstamps in general are usually heavier due to more clay present.
They probably still feel/handle great, but leaded is the wrong term here.
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