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4 of a Kind
Feb 19, 2019
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Ah, behold the glory of the weekend classifieds, brimming with tales of debauchery! Because clearly, nothing says "sensible" like continuing the revelry with another one, only slightly more sensible than the others.

Got a rack of SB $5 chips staring at you like they've lost their purpose in life? Struggling to finance your high-stakes escapades? Is your dear wife eyeing yet another pair of stupid expensive shoes? Or perhaps you're in dire need of restocking the booze supply for your delightful circle of degenerate idiots who conveniently materialize at your game nights?

Well, aren't I just the beacon of salvation you've been searching for? Sell me those sad, abandoned SB $5 chips, and watch as all your worries vanish into thin air! But please, spare me the public spectacle of your generous valuation (i.e. value raping me in public); let's keep the haggling discreet, shall we?

Consider your future adventures officially bankrolled, courtesy of yours truly. Normally I’d demand you bend the knee or bow down in gratitude, but I'll graciously refrain... for now.


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