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Jun 20, 2015
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This one stings, not gonna lie. I am about to order a large custom ceramic set from ABC, so I really don't have the need for these anymore. I wasn't ever going to use them regularly anyways but bought them because they were one of my favorite tournament sets.

All chips are in new condition and have never been put in play. I am going to provide three options for purchase; full set, half set and by the barrel/rack. I will give this sale a week before I start selling by the barrel/rack though (unless all chips are spoken for), so get your dibs in if you are seriously interested in purchasing any of these chips. Priority will mainly be given based on quantity/total price, especially if you are purchasing the total quantity of a respective denomination. But, I reserve the right to consider the order in which dibs are placed or give priority to PCF members I have dealt with in the past.

Shipping/Insurance - USPS shipping within the CONUS is only included in the full/half set prices. If you would like to add insurance, then this will be an additional charge. If you prefer to use another shipping/insurance provider, I will give credit for the USPS shipping cost (I plan on shipping the full set in 2 LFRBs for extra protection, so $40 - half sets will be shipped in a LFRB, so $20). For International shipping, we can negotiate/discuss via PM. Obviously, if I choose to ship internationally, my responsibility ends when I drop off the package(s) at the post office.

Finally, if I have made a mistake in this listing, I reserve the right to edit at any time. I will probably regret this down the line but here we go.

Full Set (760) - $5,750

160 - T25
200 - T100
120 - T500
200 - T1K
60 - T5K
20 - T25K

Half Sets (380) - $2,875 ea.

I will work with anyone that wants to change the quantity of the T5K and T25K in these half sets, but the rest of the denominations must be split 50/50. Please PM if this is the case. I have listed a couple options below but if you have something else in mind, let me know. I reserve the right to adjust/negotiate the price accordingly if the quantity fluctuates from (380). Say for instance, if you want all the 5K and 25K -or- (40) 5K and (20) 25K. Obviously, there are several permutations possible so I will deal with these on a case by case basis.

80 - T25
100 - T100
60 - T500
100 - T1K
20 - T5K
20 - T25K


80 - T25
100 - T100
60 - T500
100 - T1K
40 - T5K


Split pricing listed below, shipping not included.

T25 - $5/chip
T100 - $8/chip
T500 - $8/chip
T1K - $10/chip
T5K - $9/chip
T25K - $9/chip

I know my pictures aren't the best. So, if you would like to drop some pr0n, please feel free to do so! (cough, cough @Changster) :whistle: :whistling:


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