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Nov 6, 2014
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I purchased gray starbursts chips from The Chiproom to use as my quarters. Whites are no longer needed.

However, I still wouldn't mind adding to my starburst collection. If you have some at a reasonable price please let me know.


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I have two racks of Royal Blue. If you're interested PM me.
I have a bunch of starbursts, including orange and green. I could make you a deal on the whole lot.

I wouldn't need both the orange and the green. The purpose is to find a $25.00 chip for my cash set. I have some orange, but not enough.

I'm interested to see pictures of both the orange and the green, and to see what quantity you have of each.

As for the red, I have a trade pending for my blacks .
I have orange THC Paulsons but they aren't starburst. They are hot stamped but in mint condition though.
I have a rack of orange starbursts I'm interested in selling for $50 plus shipping. Not sure of the exact Paulson color so here is a photo:


They're really bright orange in person, but there is some color variation. Check the picture. Lightly used condition with some wear on the stamps. Let me know if you're interested.
If you get enough reds I think 20 or so oranges would easily do for $25 chips for our group. With $1,000 in 5's I never need many $25 chips.
If you get enough reds I think 20 or so oranges would easily do for $25 chips for our group. With $1,000 in 5's I never need many $25 chips.

I've already made a trade. I'm getting rid of my 100 black starbursts for 100 red. That alone will give me plenty of chips.

Now I want to replace the white diamonds for white starbursts. I've got a verbal commitment for all 499 of the diamond chips.

You sold these chips to me at a great price. That is the exact price I'm selling them for.


Hey Bill. Tim from Montreal/Rochester here. Are you looking specifically for starbursts? I have 200 forest green starbursts, but that seems like too many for you. I also have random Casino $25's that are mostly Reverse Hat and Cane (RHC) but also some Top Hat and Cane Short Cane Version (THC SCV).

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Oh, and I have about 175 purple starburts. I'm checking the colour, there's about 100 with a gold stamp and the rest are silver.

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Here's the pic of the "purple" starbursts that are from the Chiproom's 2013 BF Sale: (from Jim's Photobucket)


I think they might be Lilac
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