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Mar 6, 2016
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Several months ago @BarrieJ3 sorta called me out for being a greedy motherfucker. He may be right or wrong, I'm not sure, but either way for a while now I have been thinking about how I'm holding onto a bunch of poker stuff that I really don't need. With the coronavirus prepping and panic going on it has made me think this is a great time "redistribute" some of my random chips and cards.

Biggest rule: This shit is all being given away for free, with free shipping, so please do your best to make it easy on me.

I'm providing a tremendous service to the community. Really once of the greatest services that has been done in--what some are saying--is a very long time. Two huge words: FREEROLL.

1. Please only post once with the lot #'s you want. I will close the thread tomorrow night somewhere between 12pm and midnight CST. Feel free to edit your posts until that time.
2. Please do not PM me with questions or clarifications about what each lot includes. There is a photo of each lot. There are 14 total lots. In some of them I included details about the lot and in others I felt is was pretty obvious what the photo was of. If you are unsure if you need or want a specific lot, just choose it. If it arrives and you don't want the stuff then give it away to someone else.
3. Please only choose the lots which you actually find useful. If a newer member wants to just type like "all the lots" that's fine with me too. I'm not gonna investigate if someone actually needs 4 decks of Copags or anything. But treat it like a Walmart right now and just take what you need. At the same time, I don't want any of this shit, so I don't really care who takes it. So do what you want, I guess.
4. This is meant to be fun and to remember that we are, in some small part, a community.
5. If you think this is a good idea and you are also stuck at home for the next couple weeks, consider doing something similar.

Here are the lots (again, please do not PM or post to ask questions about the lots, just look at the photos) :

Lot #1: Random samples that didn't sell earlier today.
Lot #2: Woody's hybrid tourney sample set
Lot #3: Random Chipco and (Russian?) sample set
Lot #4: 15x TRK roulettes
Lot #5: Lots of random roulettes
Lot #6: 285-ish H-mold chips
Lot #7: 300 Chipcos (these have a name--no need for someone to post it, it's like the Sidepot chips or something. If you win them, make a thread asking what they are called)
Lot #8: Havana Bud Jones v7s (just a few leftovers)
Lot #9: Dal Negro bridge cards and Casino Queen Fournier 2818 cards
Lot #10: 2 Copag setups
Lot #11: DBs, Zen coin thing, and Four Queens $10 coin doohickey
Lot #12: Random chips and some promo samples
Lot #13: 13x HHR with hot stamp "PLAYER"
Lot #14: Two sets of Prestige Pro cards, not sure who the maker is but it says 100% plastic so they must be ok

To make it easy, here is how the posts should look:

"Lots: 1, 4, 6, 8, 14"

It's just that simple. Any lavish praises that are sent my way declaring I'm such a generous soul, while completely justified and understandable (lots of people are saying I'm the most generous PCFer in history, one of the most generous they say), should be reserved for the PCF Appreciation Thread haha.

Let's have a good time with this.

Tomorrow night I'll compile a list of who wants each lot and then break it up into tables of 6 or so. It will be one hand with the winner advancing. If this goes well I'll probably look for some more stuff to keep giving away for the next couple weeks.

(If you actually do have questions feel free to pm me. I'm not a monster.)

Really cool of you :)

Lots 2, 5, and 8 please :)
Whoa, sick giveaway! I have one in the works myself! Can’t wait to do it.

In for lot 11!
Several months ago @BarrieJ3 sorta called me out for being a greedy motherfucker
JFC, Lol this was bout a year ago, I don’t think I cussed, nor was I the only one and prob won’t be the last.

But gj, smart. Make money off the community, give em back crumbs, reap the back pats. Gratz on suddenly realizing we’re a community.
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