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Mar 23, 2013
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Picked this up last week. Came in yesterday.
Holds 2,200 chips total.
1200 chips in the 3 draws, and I can get 1000 more chips in the top compartment.




Thanks all. Not sure that I will be keeping it long. I just came across an floor standing wood map cabinet that has 3" height draws.
This chip chest has found a new home.

Since I am re-doing the basement I figured I would get a floor standing piece of furniture that can hold chips and other items.

I pick this up...

That's sweet Tommy. Is that a brand new piece or did you find it used somewhere? Someday I'll graduate up to something like that when I have a man cave.
It was new in box. It came in 3 separate boxes weighing 52lbs, 70lbs, and 104lbs. Lots of assemble required!

What sucks is my Bosch cordless mini drill died yesterday. That thing comes in handy when you don't need the power of a full size drill/driver. Perfect for putting furniture together too. :(

I'll be getting another one because I have the impact driver, angle drill, 6 lithium batteries and 2 chargers. :)
Wow that's a heavy piece of furniture! Enjoy the assembly and definitely post pictures once you get it all together and get some Terrible's in it :)
Will do. If you want to get something larger search for medical draws/cabinets, flat file cabinets, and bank teller draws/cabinets. Just make sure the draw height is at least 2 1/2 in.

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Haha so I did a search and the first place I look I found it :). Not a bad price at all for what you get and several different finishes available. I'll have to keep this in mine for the future! I can just picture this in my future mancave by my poker tables!
I will let you know how the draws handle the weight. I only plan on putting one row of racks per draw right now. There are 2 supports under each of the 4 flat file draws. We will see.
Draw height is perfect.

Going to replace the wood pulls with these brushed nickel ones that I have. They look way better IMO.

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Draw height is perfect.

Going to replace the wood pulls with these brushed nickel ones that I have. They look way better IMO.

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Sweet! You just had to take the picture with THOSE chips... Just to tease me lol ;). Looks great! My case should be here today according to USPS :)
LOL, they were already out. The rest of my chips are in a plastic tub in the basement.

Here are the knobs I'm going to use.

I tested one draw with 6 issues at all.

(the notches on the sides are for the dividers that came with it)

This cabinet out of the box is not as strong as some of the custom made ones I have seen. But for the price and some Gorilla wood glue, it makes it pretty strong.

The glides are ball bearing and pretty decent IMO. I glued every joint when I assemble it. They included two 3" wide wood supports for under each of the 4 flat file draws. I put a tube of PL-400 in my caulk gun and ran a bead down each of them before I screwed them in place. The draws feel very solid now.
Nice! Looks like you could fit a ton of chips in each drawer
Looks like a whole rack of those Azter secondaries :). Nicely done sir!
I put the flat file cabinet in the spare bedroom for now until the basement is done. Put some some chips and stuff in it today. Handles the weight with no issues. Not bad for $349.99.



I still have to finish changing out the wood knobs with the satin nickels ones.

Nice, maybe that'll be a project I tackle someday after I've built a few more poker tables :)

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