Show me your oversized (43mm or bigger) Chips!

Jun 12, 2016
East Boston
That's from the Starlite Cruises set - Blaze Orange with P18 spots (2V2W).

You have the primary/secondary chips reversed. The primary chip is 8V, and the secondary chip is 2V2W.

The Empress IL $1000 chips are not 43mm, and not 3D14-spotted, either. Not sure what those chips are you listed. above. If they were supposed to be the Grand Victoria chips, those are both 8V.

You may want to make a distinction on the Blaze Orange chips vs other shades of Orange, throughout the entire list, and include the Paulson spot pattern numbers.

On the 8v chips, what is the difference if there are two colors or the same color ? Like the Olivia’s $25 vs the oak tree hundos ? Also what is the pattern on the crystal park $25 secondary chips
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