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Apr 5, 2013
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Today I received a single chip in the mail and the shipper had a great way of shipping it and protecting it. It came in a hard hockey card cover very cool way I think and cheap about 3$ for 25 ImageUploadedByTapatalk1393375276.326866.jpg

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Very cool.

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What's a "hockey card"?

I use three pieces of scrap cardboard. Cut a round hole in the middle one, insert chip, make a sandwich. Tape together. Total cost: one foot of scotch tape.
A hockey card is a collectable trading card. One side has a picture of the player (usually an action picture) and the other has statistics. This site has some examples. They were popular with kids, at least when I was growing up. If I still had the mountain of cards I bought between 1977 - 1980, I'd probably be a rich man today...
Ya I guess I should have said trading card my mind just went hockey
I've never heard anyone refer to them as trading cards. They are hockey cards. :)

In the US, I think almost everyone would call them baseball trading cards, and wouldn't have any idea they had ever been made for the sport of hockey. I know I didn't until now.

-- Larry
Cant believe I would ever see someone having to explain what a hockey card is EH

dont think I have ever seen in real person a trading card other than hockey ;)

(I did collect a full set of Jurassic Park cards once!... I was only missing two collector hologram cards though so almost a full set)

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