Cancelled Set of 2000 CPS Tournament chips (1 Viewer)

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Nov 7, 2014
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New, still in wrappers, CPS group-buy tournament set. Here's the breakdown:

25 x 300
100 x 300
500 x 200
1k x 200
5k x 200
25k x 200
100k x 200
250k x 200
500k x 150
Bounty x 50
chip boxes x 14

About 200 of the chips were shipped to me loose, out of the wrappers, by PGI (presumably to fill the chip boxes?) but the rest are still in the plastic.

PM me if interested.

Thank you.
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Bump for those interested in CPS tournament chips.
These chips are all still in their boxes, I only opened them to verify the count, so I would really prefer to avoid taking them all out to replicate photos of CPS chips that already all over this site and the other site, but if serious buyers really want to see photos of these specific chips then I would do that. What photos, exactly, would you like to see?
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