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Aug 7, 2019
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Hey guys, while all this quarantine stuff is going on, I've decided that when the Vegas casinos open up I want to begin making a custom labeled set, and I'm not sure where to begin. I have a guy in Vegas that will harvest for me at the easier casinos to get chips from, but he's not going to cherry pick through for me so I end up buying way more than necessary. Looking to do a bright colored cash set. with. .50,1.5, 20 or 25, and 100s. The only thing I know that I want right now is the Sams town to be ones. and I plan to mill them or have someone else do it. (since I'm sure the majority of hot stamps will not be in great condition anyways) At this time literally every other chip slot is open. I know I want bright colors that pop. The game will be .50/1 most of the time and some 1/2. So 5's will be the workhorse
No, sorry if I misworded. Just planning to harvest 1s I imagine.

This is going to be tough. There's not that many $1s in non-standard colours in LV that you would easily use for a $5. Might I suggest these as a possibility:


They are on the almond-ish spectrum, not quite off-white, not quite yellow. As long as you can live with house molds.

I'm not sure how easy it is to harvest at the Mirage.
When I asked my cousin to pick up just a barrel of $1s from the Tropicana, he practically had to have a meltdown/adult tantrum (which he very good at, by the way) on the casino floor before a manager came and forced a dealer to sell him a barrel of chips just to shut him up. But hey, YMMV.

Feel free to check out my BOLO thread in the Collector's Corner. There's some pictures of 50 assorted live $1s from LV, and a few in non-standard colours.

Also check out and see if there are some other $1s that fit the bill.
I’d be up to buy non live 5s from anywhere. I’m torn on whether to mill and relabel the sams 1s or go for a THC hot stsmped mixed set. Guess it’ll depend on condition of the 1s once Vegas opens back up
If I go for a THC hotstamped set what would good options be. Sams town will definitely be the 1. Any good not outrageously priced options for. Frac, 5, 20,100? Open to any color scheme. Brighter the better
One advantage to harvesting live 5s (assuming you will only label them) is that it is a free can cash them in later. Never say never!
I actually harvested a rack from Tunica MS several months back. Then proceeded to take them back lol

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