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Oct 28, 2014
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Tampa FL
Wow, just wow

poker anyone? (bradenton)
I play alot of cards usually texas and omaha, I occasionally play at the hard rock sometimes derby lane in st.pete...not looking to go broke but I'm a good player esp.w/ a partner sitting a couple seats away from me :) hmu im free this weekend...but if you know how to play we can probably leave w/ someone else's rent money :) hmu lets get paid.
If I lived in the area, I'd set up a meeting with the guy (and not show, but there to observe) -- just to be able to identify him at any future games I played. A true crook.
Anyone who types the way that guy does is a donk in my book.

If you refer to to NLHE as just "texas" or Pot Limit Omaha as just "omaha" you are probably booking losses.

Also if you are looking to cheat a game, you are probably a loser in said game
IF you want to cheat...isn't publicly soliciting total strangers to cheat with you a -EV way to go about it?

I'm not sure he's thought this through very well....
I bet this guy watched the movies "21" or "Rounders" multiple times, getting a little chubby thinking "I can do that - I'm so doing that." He also leaves action movies thinking "I'm gonna walk down this dark alley, 'cause I can beat anybodies ass like Jet Li".

He then walks down a dark alley and finds nobody to accost him. He attributes it the the fact that he's a mother-fucking ninja, and not to the fact that he is in an affluent area and there is a group of teenage girls walking the same ally on their way back to their car.

Yeah, I wanna play cards with this guy. #NOT!
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That looks like a perfect situation to have one player set up as a "partner" with another player in on the communication and tells to take his money away.
Reply to the ad in just a few simple steps:
  1. Use a pseudonym and disposable email
  2. Meet him in a neutral location
  3. Discuss chip dumping plan, where he dumps chips to you, rebuys, and continues to dump you chips
  4. On his 5th or 6th rebuy, while he is at the cage reloading again, pack up, head out, and disappear
  5. Wonder how long it takes him before he realizes it was a cash game
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I remember being at a sit N go at the Mirage a few years ago. I get seated and we are waiting for two players. I'm listening to the talk and realize I'm at a table with some locals who knew each other well. I was hoping to play with some drunk tourists...not the case this time. The last guy to the table was enjoying a birthday buy in from mom (18th). It seemed like they were trying to chip dump a bit but it worked out in the end for both the kid and I. I'm not so eager to go to 1 table sit n go's so much since.
Discuss chip dumping plan, where he dumps chips to you, rebuys, and continues to dump you chips. On his 5th or 6th rebuy...

When I read the ad, it doesn't sound like he's talking about chip dumping to get a minor edge from a bigger starting stack in tournament play. it sounds to me like he means pot-slamming cash games.

You're proposing a funny script, but chip-dumping feels nothing like pot-slamming, so I doubt they'd fall for it.

And if you use him for some one-sided pot-slamming into your pocket, you're still guilty of cheating the other players, yourself.

When I read the O.P., I was imagining more along the lines of getting him with a Bad Beat Jackpot:

1. Meet the guy and plan to go pot-slam a cash game you know running out of the basement of a bar.
2. At the planned time, go to an appropriate biker bar where you've pre-made arrangements with the locals.
3. You and the Craigslist loser head down to the basement, followed by the locals.
4. When he gets downstairs and asks where the table is, take a picture of him with your phone, and inform him:

"You've just entered your face into the Bad Beat Jackpot. If any of us ever see your face in a poker game, anywhere, you're going to get a Bad Beat. But if you want, you can claim your prize right now."

From my experience, the locals will be happy to help, and will enjoy giving the punk a little fright enema. Give them something to talk about for a few weeks.
Sounds like he wants to meet in a public poker room, not some bar's basement. And yes, he's definitely talking about playing partners in a cash game, not in a tournament, and catching people inbetween you for raises.

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