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Wanted Santa Ysabel barrels and or racks at cost for samples! (1 Viewer)

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MC Poker

Feb 27, 2019
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Green Bay WI
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Hello all, Looking to pick up a few barrels of Santas for samples!! I am going to donate 3 barrels of each denom from my order, this said there will be more demand then that I am sure, Also hurts using so many of my 25s! SO, looking to add on, if I get one barrel of each I will use them for samples. IF not next few days Ill post a for sale add for Samples I do have available and there will be similar rules to the original OP ect... PM me if you have an spares, I will pay cost plus shipping and pass those costs on. Thank you for your time. I AM NOT TAKING PMS FOR DIBS ON SAMPLES!.... YET!
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