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Joe Harris

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Jun 28, 2015
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Last Friday I was forced to resign from my job of 10 years. As a result, I will be forced to move in a big hurry very soon. I'd like to lessen the number of chips I have to transport to a different time zone, so here we are.

Large Boardwalk Cash Set - 39mm
$2000 shipped USA only

200 x 25¢
300 x $1
50 x $2.50
600 x $5
20 x $20
3 x $1000 (43mm)

The 260 high denom chips (minus 1k) are not spoken for in the split and remain available:
$370 shipped USA only
160 x $25
80 x $100
20 x $500

These chips are used, but the only sign I see of that is that a few of the ones could use a light cleaning.
These were created as part of a group buy. This design will never be produced again.


Silver Club Tournament Set - 39/43mm
$360 shipped USA only PENDING
106 x t25
206 x t100
210 x t500
201 x t1000 (oversize)
61 x t5000 (oversize)
27 x t25,000 (oversize)
21 x t100,000 (oversize)

- 800 chips + spares
- Chipco racks
- 1 dealer button

These chips have seen about 10 games, but you'd never notice.
These were created by @Quicksilver-75. If so desired, he has given permission for more of these to be made - get ahold of him for details.


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I'm terribly sorry to hear about the circumstances of which these chips are coming up for sale.

IF SPLIT, I'd be interested in all of the BW quarters, 200 $1's, and 200 $5's.
@Joe Harris , sorry to hear of your situation, sending good thoughts your way that things will rebound soon. :)

Anyone on the fence about these BW's, jump on them, they are fantastic chips, If I didn't have a large set already they would be gone by now. GLWS!
Sorry to hear the news Joe. Onward to bigger and better things. Wish you all the best and hope another set down the road helps fill the void of selling this one and more.
Best of luck Joe! Hate to hear of forced resignations but hopefully it results in better things.

Great pricing from what I know, would snap at least the Silvers if we weren’t waiting to see how moving/work ends up. I’ll have to watch who to bug in 6 months for em!
Sorry to hear about your news, but In for a rack & 2 barrels of 0.25 fracs if split!
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Sorry to hear @Joe Harris :( Hang in there buddy.

I'd be up for taking the $20s and $1ks if this ends up getting split.
I'd be in for the 50 x $2.50 and a rack each of 25c and $1, and a barrel $5.

Edit: adding a rack to the barrel of $5. I only have 80 in my set currently. Thanks.
I absolutely love the Silver Club design. And I realize I'm in the minority around here, but I prefer the 39mm to the 43mm Sunfly hybrids. Very tempting.
I know I’m late but If possible i would take a rack of .25, rack of $1 and 2 racks of $5 lmk sorry for the news praying for better days

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