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Straight Flush
Feb 6, 2019
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Iowa, USA
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Looking for good+ condition chips to match the chips that are currently in my set. Hotstamped or inlaid chips are fine - prefer inlaid just because it's cheaper to prep them for a label. Just looking for a few chips now!
  • Arc Yellow - looking for 1 chip to complete a barrel
  • Petunia - looking for 3 chips to complete a barrel

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I still have some 618 roulette molds if interested

If I had anything other than solids in the set, I would consider it. But since it's a set of over 1300 solids, it would look weird adding edge spots to the set.
Found enough day greens to complete a third rack!

Would really like to find a single arc yellow and three petunia to complete two more barrels.

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