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Jun 23, 2022
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Hi everyone, first sale post on here so hopefully I'm following all the rules. I joined last summer and it's been a lot of fun reading through all the threads and figured I should offload some of the things I've picked up. My plan was to put together a micro cash set that kinda plays like a deepstack 10c/20c, which you can see the current status of below. Work in progress and still need to figure out what I want to do about barrels of a $10, $20, or $25 :)


As for the actual things for sale here we go. Prices include shipping within CONUS. All chips are unplayed (by me), at most some shuffles to see about feel

Lot 1: Shuffle Stack Sample Set Rack - $100

I had bought some of racks listed below in the other lots that were part of my original plan/learning journey, before getting this and conducting a blindfold feel test with my group who don't know chips so it was pretty interesting. Probably unsurprising to people here but the THC was the frontrunner.

Manufacturers and Molds:
1. Paulson THC (top hat and cane) -- Unidentified
2. Paulson RHC (reverse hat and cane) -- Seven Mile
3. Cards Mold New China Club sample - 9 piece 'stack'
4. Abbiati (no mold, higher end Italian plastic/ceramic) -- Park Place
5. China Clay (from -- Majestic
6. CPC H-mold -- Key West
7. B.C. Wills LGK (large greek key) -- Unidentified/monogrammed
8. Random THC including Big Top Joker sample - 11 piece stack
9. Matsui (no mold, higher end Japanese plastic/ceramic) -- Radisson
10. Ceramic (no mold dye sublimation printed from -- Unidentified


Lot 2: 100x Caesar's Palace $2 - SOLD - 270


Lot 3: 200x 'Rough' Peach Starburst + 2 freebies - SOLD - 222

Sorry to everyone that these aren't Mustards. These were what I was going to use as the fracs before scooping up the Sahara 50c. 3 on the top left are the extra that are a little pinker than the rest it seems, the other 3 were random pulls that show color differences. Can send updated pics in different lighting if need be


Lot 4: 161x Barn Condition Colon Orange Starburst - $55

These were too cheap to not see what they were like, before deciding I wanted something more than an ultra beater set. Color is like a flowerpot, saw that description from a different colon orange thread that fits pretty well


Lot 5: 100x Milled Casino Miami Hotstamps - SOLD - 320


Lot 6: 100x Blaze Choctaw 50 cent Fracs - $369



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