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Aug 18, 2017
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I don't know how or why I accumulated so many racks...I must have been planning for something but I don't remember what and I don't need them anymore.

I would like to sell these in lots, but if someone wants multiple lots I will try to combine them for shipping if possible and more economical.

Lot 1 - $25 plus shipping
(8) x 43mm PGI "Suits" racks - perfect fit for any 43mm Sunfly Hybrid

Lot 2 - $25 plus shipping
(10) x 39mm branded CHIPCO racks - plus (1) rack that has a break on one side of one of the chip wells that I'm tossing in for free (it still holds chips just fine)

Lot 3 - $25 plus shipping
(16) x 39mm generic acrylic racks (clear) - 12 of these are unlabeled or marked "MADE IN CHINA", 1 is an actual stamped branded PAULSON rack, and the the other 3 are in the same style/design as the PAULSON rack except they are unmarked

I can provide photos or more detail if needed.
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