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Not Mine Racks of NYNY and Mandalay Bay (1 Viewer)


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Nov 5, 2014
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Riverside, CA, USA
Prices are a bit high (maybe double), but this guy has racks of New York New York and Mandalay Bay.



They are clearly used from the pictures, too. Good condition, but I think you could just buy mint singles for that price. 100 should be a lot cheaper than singles. Unfortunate too because I would love a rack of NYNY. Might be my favorite strip casino. Staying there next month!
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yeah, chipjoker acquired 150 NYNY from a different eBay seller to relabel as Empress $1. I think he paid approx. half that and the chips are virtually mint.
At least shipping is only $20 for the rack! :confused:
Pretty sure those NYNY are not 15 yrs old as he implies in the description. I think those are the most recent inlay fro NYNY, maybe 3-4 yrs old. I could be wrong though. He is out of his mind on the prices though.
I picked up a rack of mint NYNY $1's at the cage for someone else simply by asking. They gave me brand new chips still in the box.
The guy says "I've had these put away for close to 15 years" ...

Now correct me if I am wrong but those chips were put into play in 2008, but according to my mad addition skills 15+2008 does not equal 2015.

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