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Feb 23, 2014
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I'm running a tournament tomorrow evening and thinking about making it a re-buy tourney.
I'm expecting 10 people, and have told everyone in the invite that it will be a $20.00 bounty tourney. $15 - $5.

Heres where I'm unsure of myself. I'm thinking about adding re-buys when everyone gets here tomorrow if everyone agrees. In a bounty tourney, do the entrants that re-buy get another bounty chip? I guess it really doesn't matter, but Ive never thought about it.This will be my first re-buy tourney.

What do you do and why?
Up to you really.
Never ran one, but if I were i'd probably just do the initial buy-in with the bounty fee and re-buys without the bounty to allow for a cheaper re-buy.
Either way would work good though i think.
I definitely thought about the lower re-buy angle and it definitely would make it a little more encouraging to re-buy or play a little looser maybe. I think bountys kind of do the same thing too though. people really like getting that $5.
So you don't see any detriment to the game if everyone were to get another bounty chips upon re-buying? I'm just trying to make sure it makes sense and doesn't end up doing something weird. You never know.
I can't think of any problems either way. Like you said both will generate more action most likely.
Just be sure to explain to everyone the way it is prior to starting and to be sure they keep track of the bounty chips they collect (unless you plan on paying right away when someone bust)
I run a rebuy bounty tourney. When people get out during the rebuy period and buy back in they purchase a bounty chip again. The reason being is if someone goes all in with them they potentially don't have as much on the line because they could win someone elses bounty chip but that person that didn't rebuy has no chance to win a bounty chip from him.
This is how we do it. It is a monthly game among friends.

$30 bounty rebuy tournament (rebuy is available for the first hour only) - $25 to the pot and $5 for the bounty
all rebuys are $25 with a bounty chip - $20 goes to the winner and $5 for the bounty

payouts for 10 people
1st - 50% ($125 + $20/rebuy)
2nd - 30% ($75)
3rd - 20% ($50)

This format encourages people to be active early, my group likes that. It also keeps the cost down a little bit. We normally have 1 or 2 rebuys.
Thanks for all the reply's! It really helped! The game went very smooth. We did re-buys for the first 6 lvls. Full buy-in amount gets you new SS and bounty chips, worked out well. Had a ton of fun and I took it down!!
Didn't get any pics, but the Aztars were in good form as always and super fun to play with.
well its not fair entering a rebuy with boundy because there not a fair chance for the one
making the rebuy to get also a bounty because he is buying less than the average.

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