prOn legends of the west salloon and gambling hall (1 Viewer)

Great set and display! I never knew of the Bonanza Inn Casino fractionals. Where did you acquire them? They match the home Paulsons very well.
They are pretty awesome. I just picked up a sample set from them. It includes the .10, .25, $1, $2.50, and $5 chip.
LOL... Takes a few days to get here from Vegas. ;) I'll post pics when they get here.
I could go to spinettis page,
but I think I'll wait for your pictures,

can't wait to seeing the dollar chip !
They came today. They are are brand new except the $5.

thanks for sharing,
quarters, dollars and $5 chips would make a hell of a cash game set !
very nice sample ! i love it !!

i have two 5$ ..if u want

if u want my two rack of bonnanza ,send me a mp ;-)

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