For Sale [PRICE DROP] Racks and Samples! (1 Viewer)


Pron bump!
Are those Pampano chips current
I’ll be there on Tuesday for the wsopC
I’m definitely picking some up if they look like that !!
Bought some chips yesterday! So papi needs some money! Prices drops across the board valid today only!

Harrahs - $190/rack plus shipping
Sahara Dunes - $45 shipped (I’m taking a $10 loss at this price so I’m not going lower…)
Aurora Star - $65 shipped!
I guess Aurora Star isn’t really a price drop. But you’ll get free shipping so its cheaper lol.
Did the Sahara Dunes not already sell? Saw a dibs and a backup, so I went away. If they are still available, I will take them!
Bump! Had a few people who relinquished dibs/intrest of the $1’s so now have 3 racks available. If a buyer takes all of them I can do better on the price :)
One rack of Harrahs left! Gonna be getting some other goodies from NoFlo here in about a month. So once these sell I’ll prolly close this post and then make one in a month or two with some cool stuff

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