SOLD PRICE DROP Pregnant and Laid Off #1 - Sky Valley Cards Mold Tournament Set $400 (1 Viewer)

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May 26, 2017
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Well unfortunately I've been dealt both a beautiful thing and a tough challenge all at the same time. After finding out my wife is pregnant with our first, I've been laid off shortly afterwards! I have only used these a handful of times, and so they have to hit the block to help cover bills while I start my job search.

This is a custom cards mold set made for and with Sky Valley branding. All chips feature a white background with the logo and a blue denom. A secondary 5K chip was added to help in low light situations, and it honestly is one my favorite ceramic chips that I've had made yet. You're free to have more made through Tina.

The set contains 1,175 chips.

The asking price is $400 $375 shipped CONUS. I don't mind shipping elsewhere but will need to add on shipping costs. I'm happy to provide estimates before confirming.

Breakdown as follows:
25 x 250
100 x 250
500 x 125
1000 x 250
5000 (primary) x 150
5000 (alternate) x 150



Set w/ Primary Purple 5K

Set w/ Alternate Green 5K

Adding in 3 custom wood-colored printed trays/racks that hold @BGinGA approved starting stacks 12/12/5/6 (35 chips each) and some spacers that help with any other customized starting stacks. Stackable.

Can print more on demand (that goes for anyone) for a small fee.



Listing #2 BCC Samurai Palace Cash Set, 780 Chips

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Ideal breakdown for 2 tables with 12/12/5/6/x stacks or 3 tables with 8/8/4/7/x stacks.

I will ship the below set of seating/bounty chips to the buyer of this tourney set (if they want it). Shipping CONUS at my expense. International shipping on buyer.
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What a kind offer! Thanks @GreekRedEye !!
Sorry for the lay-off and good luck with the job hunt! Congrats in advance on the addition to the family. Glad you're planning ahead!
Willing to split? I am potentially interested in the 1k chips and the green 5k chips for the right price.
C'mon man! Dude is out of work and his wife is preggo. Just buy the set and sell off what you don't want.

I'm going to add to the offer from @GreekRedEye Two poker size cuts cards and a Dealer Button from my personal custom set to whoever buys this. Shipped free in the US. Outside the US, buyer pays shipping.

Somebody pay this man his money!!!

Cool tournament set w/ lot of chips. Primary and alt options + extras. Great price and shipped. This would be a great tourney set for someone especially a first set or an upgrade to an earlier one (in size or potentially quality). Cards molds are decent and for less than the cost of some Paulson racks. Just my opinion though.
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