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Apr 5, 2013
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I thought of this while reading another thread. Is there something you say in a poker game or gambling or terms for things that are possibly uncommon ?
For instance if there is a raise and it looks like I will be the only caller and / or I'm calling in late position I will say "I'm your huckleberry" I'm not sure why I started that but I know where I got it from

And cucumbers
Was at a home game last weekend witch is self dealt and one player every time finishes dealing sets the cards down then says "spades are up ". He did somewhat rotate between all suites
At the end of a hand: "I have a busted pair."

<sigh> It's happened way too often over the past half dozen games.

The WSOP commentators says some funny stuff.

Broken toilet for missing the flush.
Squeaky wheel gets the grease.
"You may as well be a corpse artist... Because you're drawing dead!"
The WSOP announcers say some funny stuff. "Squeaky wheel gets the grease" when someone hits a one outer is a good one.
Oh my, there are so many phrases and wit-i-cisims at my regular game I don't think I can write them all down. One that does get fairly regular play is when someone makes a $5 bet, they say "Fie Dolla, Me Love You Long Time"... from the movie FULL METAL JACKET.:)

Another one I love is when someone makes a healthy bet and no one calls, they usually throw the hand in...Of course everyone wants to know what they were playing so the phrase often used is "Come on, show your hand - It's good for the game". Good for the game: yeah, right. :D
I don't know where I got these from, but these are often repeated throughout my home poker tournies. There are a few more... they just escape my memory at the moment.

1. Lay down like a lady
2. I'm gonna fold like a cheap suit

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